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At SearchLocation.co.uk, our aim is to provide users with accurate, up to date reliable information that is not only useful but simple to read. By entering any UK postcode into the search box below, you will find the most up to date house prices in the postcode you selected. Our database comprises of 16,279,965 houses, flats or commercial property sales starting from the year 2000.

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The use of the Property Price Finder tool can be important when trying to sell or buy a new property. Why is this? City or town averages can be vague and not give the true figure of a particular street that you are focusing on.

The tool also displays the house price data in an easy to read table format that clearly states the type of house i.e. Semi Detached or Flat and so on. Sold prices are organized by the date of sale (also in the table) and the data is sourced directly from the Land Registry.

If you are looking at buying a property, using this tool you are able to see the sold price trends over the years, which will give you an indication of the current housing market in that area.

If you do not know the postcode of an area you wish to explore, use our Postcode Finder tool and continue to use this tool as many times as you like for free.

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