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find a doctor whilst on holiday

Find a Doctor whilst on Holiday in UK

Searching for a doctor when you are on Holiday in the UK


It’s the last thing on your mind when you are planning your break away but occasionally you or a family member may fall ill on holiday. Illness does happen and strikes at any time, but what can you is the solution whilst you are away from your home?

Search Location enables you to search for a local doctor and GP surgeries based on your address.


How can Search Location Can Help you find your nearest GP?

If you are away from home, simply enter your postcode or search from your current location and the nearest GP and medical centres will appear.


Where can I visit a doctor if I become ill on holiday?

The advice from the NHS is that you can visit a nearby GP or GP led health centre

You can receive emergency treatment from a GP surgery for 14 days


Further information can be found at the NHS website:



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