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Best Wireless Intruder Alarms

5 Best Wireless Intruder Alarms

An increased security presence provides an added element to unwanted guests whilst you are sleeping or away from your home. Bluetooth and wireless technologies have improved vastly over recent years and most systems can be easily installed on a do it yourself basis.

As this is an important deterrent for your property, tried and tested systems are worth purchasing and spending a bit more money to protect your valuable items. The best rated wireless intruder alarm is the Yale wire-free Premium Alarm Kit HSA6400

Best Wireless Intruder Alarms

Wireless Intruder AlarmNumber of PIR SensorsOur Rating
Yale wire-free Premium Alarm Kit HSA640024.9
Fortress Security Store (TM) S03-B34.7
Yale EF Series24.8
Honeywell HS342S24.0
Somfy Home Alarm Premium24.7

When looking for a wireless security alarm there are a number of factors to look for. Accessories that come with each system differs depending on the package available. Some come with sim card features that alert your mobile if there is something detected. Others come with a fob to enable and disable the system without entering a code.

The correct system for you will depend on the layout of your home and this will have to be taken into account when purchasing the kit. The following are five complete kits to start securing your home immediately.

Yale wire-free Premium Alarm Kit HSA6400

Yale HSA6400

Yale are the market leaders when it comes to intruder detection systems. You will see Yale alarm boxes on most streets throughout the UK. This alarm system is expandable and you may well want to add in some PIR sensors if you wish to cover more than two zones.  You can add on up to an additional thirty accessories with the HSA6400.

It is a completely wireless option and all the accessories supplied are pre-linked to save on any unnecessary faffing around at the installation stage. It comes with a loud external siren, 104 decibels to be precise, to ward off any lurking criminals.

This is an ideal all in one system that’s easy to install and comes with an attractive entry price. Additional items can be added to the system at a later stage.

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Yale EF-Series Telecommunicating Alarm Kit

Yale EF

As with the above Yale system, this one can be expanded from the standard piece of equipment that comes with the standard kit. The equipment becomes pre-linked and the added feature of this system is that you can get it to alert your mobile phone if the alarm system has been triggered. It can store three separate numbers which will call in a designated sequence.Included in the box are a Siren box and a Dummy siren,2 x PIR movement detectors, 2 x Door contacts and Touch screen control panel.

If you are looking for an entry level alarm system with mobile notifications this is a strong contender.

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Fortress Security Store (TM) S03-E

Fortress Security S03-B

A lesser known make of security systems is Fortress. This particular wireless burglar alarm kit comes with a large selection of accessories including:

Main control panel featuring auto-dialer

8 X Door/Window contacts

3 X Passive motion detectors

1 X Panic Button

1 X Loud, 140dB alarm (approx. 30-inch wire)

1 X Extra outdoor siren (includes approx. 5 ft 110-220v wall adapter)

1 X Panic Alarm

3 X Keyfobs to activate/deactivate the alarm

4 X RFID Tags

4 X Alarm Warning Stickers (two for windows, two for doors)

Its a lot a kit for the money they are charging. The downsides are a confusing user manual and short power cable.

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Honeywell HS342S 

Honeywell HS342S

Another well-known make in the security sector. This system can be extended and the alarm is very loud. This is another entry level DIY system.

Very limited installation instructions are included so downloading the manual is suggested before installation.

This system includes:

1 x Wireless Keypad
1 x Wireless Battery Siren
1 x Dummy Siren
2 x Wireless Motion Sensor (PIR)
2 x Wireless Door and Window Sensor
2 x Contactless Tags
1 x 4 colour dot stickers for Contactless Tag ID
3 x Security Window Stickers
8 x LR6 (AA) 1.5V Battery
4 x LR20 (D) 1.5V Battery
6 x LR03 (AAA) 1.5V Battery
2 x CR2032 (3V) Battery
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Safety & Guarantee
1 x Declaration of Conformity

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Somfy Home Alarm Premium

Somfy Home Alarm

The Somfy Alarm system is able to pair with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The system is advanced and can sound the alarm before the intruder gets inside the home. It uses window vibration technology.  If unusual activity is detected, the siren triggers a powerful 110db alarm and a push notification is immediately sent to the user’s smartphone.

The box contains:

3 x IntelliTAG
2 x Key Fob
1 x Indoor motion sensor
1 x Somfy Link
1 x Indoor Siren
UK + EU plugs
User manual

This is an internet enabled device that allows more features from an app and can be expanded upon. The alarm can be enabled and disabled from the app. This is more for the gadget people out there.

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Buyers Guide to Wireless Intruder Alarms

Nothing can give you peace like your home being secure when you are around and when you are at work near or far from your house. Burglary cases have been on the rise over the years with the majority of home theft being of this manner. The best way to have your home secure from burglary you need to install intruder alarms that will notify you in case of any person who breaks into your house. Majority of home security service providers offer home alarms services which can be wireless or wired. Going with the technological innovation and the current world you should install wireless intruder alarms which are very convenient and easy to install and to maintain. There are very many security companies that offer the wireless alarms service, but you need to be careful before making a move to hire their services.

What to guide you when deciding to install a wireless intruder alarm

Wireless home security alarms currently one can confidently say they are the best since people are moving from analogue alarms that use cables. Some factors should guide you before deciding to install the alarms in your home, and they are as follows;

  1. Does the package include asset protection devices?

A good home security alarm provider should include the devices that will enable you to monitor your assets in the house when you are not around. The alarm notifying you about someone breaking your home should not be enough for you. The asset protection device will help for instance when you hire a repair person you will know whether he touched other valuable assets or not. Also when making this decision evaluate how many devices you will need for your house both the wireless alarm and the asset protection gadget.

  1. Wireless intruder alarms are not security systems

There is a big difference between wireless alarms and home security system, before signing for any deal with a security company ensure you understand the service you are hiring. The alarms are only for giving you are a notification that someone is breaking into your home, security systems will even alert you when environmental calamities attack your house like in times of floods or fire accident. Many people misunderstand the two and end up signing for one instead of the other which bring a lot of conflicts when something happens.

  1. How the alarms operate

The most fundamental question you should ask the wireless alarm service provider before signing up is how the system works. Do the alarms need the power to run? An excellent wireless intruder alarm should notify you in case someone is trying to break into your house whether there is electricity or not. Despite the fact that the wireless signals need the power to run a perfect system should have a backup battery to keep them active even when electricity is gone. In many cases, the wireless alarms are set to detect door opening, and you should also engage your service provider on how many doors can be linked to the system or even windows and your gate.

  1. Be careful when selecting a service provider

Going for wireless intruder alarms does not mean that you purchase anywhere you find or sign from any security service provider. In any business experience is vital and an indicator of quality services, look for a service provider with an excellent reputation so that the value for your money and quality product. The best way to get best security company is looking for the one that has been in the industry for more than ten years. Securing your home you need a quality wireless intruder alarm system, and you can only get it if you go for experienced provider.

  1. Affordability

Looking for a quality security alarm system for your home does not mean you have to spend money aimlessly. Go for quality and affordable services; there are good companies with relevant experience who can deliver quality wireless alarm system at a reasonable price. Some high-tech wireless alarms might be costly, but you should check for alternatives before settling for any alarm system provider.


Keeping your home safe from intruders is every homeowner wish, and not all wireless alarms are of good quality although they all claim to be the best. Look for an excellent wireless alarm system provider who will install and manage the system at reasonable rates.



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