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11 Essential Items For Moving House

What are the 11 Essential Items for Moving House?

The moving day has been set and you need to pack. What items do you need to take with you and how do you move these safely and securely. If you aren’t using the expertise of a removal service then your possession will need to be secured from breakages. Here are our 11 essential items for moving house, the products we recommend for the big day.


Cardboard Boxes1. Cardboard Removal Boxes

First up the most important item on a moving checklist. The old trusty cardboard box. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and strengths. They need to be sturdy to withstand the constant moving around and solid enough that they won’t buckle under pressure.

If friends have recently moved house they may have an abundance of boxes that they can donate to you. Also shops, mainly supermarkets may gift you some boxes for free. Local self-storage units tend to sell these goods although they are normally more expensive than sourcing elsewhere. Amazon is selling strong double walled boxes in packs of 20. The benefit of having boxes the same size is that they are easier to stack when in transit. Be warned, don’t overfill especially if you are the person doing the lifting!

2. Scotch Tape

Scotch TapeWhen moving you can’t get enough of Scotch Tape.  Those boxes you have packed will need to be secured to stop your valuables falling out. The tape can be used on boxes to go overlaps and joints to strengthen the boxes

The tape is useful for fittings from self-assembled furniture. Simply stick the fittings together on the tape and place into a bag so that they remain together and don’t vanish to the magic invisible person who always steals one vital screw from your IKEA flat pack.

The tape is handy to secure bubble wrap that you place around more delicate items.  Two 60-metre length rolls of scotch tape are available for under 4 quid.

3. Clothing Removal Boxes

Clothing Removal BoxesThese boxes are handy should you wish to transport items of clothing that you want to keep freshly ironed. They are easy to put up and they come with a handy clothes rail towards the top of the box that adds to the strength.

These boxes are particularly handy should you be lacking in storage furniture at the new property as they double up as wardrobes with an opening door and there is enough space at the bottom of the box to transport footwear as well. A pack of 5 tall boxes will set you back around thirty smackeroonies.

4. Clothes Hangers

Clothes HangersEnsure that you have enough clothes hangars for moving day. If you haven’t already got enough, again friends or family may be in a position to donate some to you, so is always worth asking the question. The cheaper version tends to snap easily and are a false economy. Ikea sells wooden versions which are popular and Amazon sell the sturdier plastic ones shown in the picture. A pack of twenty is less than seven quid.


5. Cable Ties

cable ties

Cable ties can come in useful during the moving process. If there are a lot of pieces electrical equipment to transport it ensures that the cables remain safe and tidy. They are also useful for pieces of furniture and other items that need to be separated for removal.

A cable tie is a cable tie at the end of the day, they are a relatively cheap way of keeping items together and are useful for tidying cables up when you have unpacked at your new property. the are available in a range of sizes. You can pick up a pack of 100 for less than 2 British pounds.


6. Removal Stickers

removal stickers

Whack these on your storage boxes to identify what rooms they need to go in at your new property. Even if you don’t unpack straight away and they get moved to another room, at least you know where they’ll belong.  In the pack shown, there are  347  stickers. Enough for a 4 bedroom house.



7. Tool Kit

Toolbox Set

If you haven’t already invested in a decent toolkit, now is the time. Flat packs aren’t going to assemble themselves and the new location of a mirror or picture are going to need some decent tools and with a decent case to keep them in, the set shown is ideal for a home mover to keep in a compact place for those DIY essentials. The set shown is a 53 piece set with drill bits and Allen keys. There are well reviewed basic toolsets available from £7.



8. Laundry Storage Bags

If you haven’t got around to doing the laundry pile because let’s face it you are in the middle of moving house and you can’t be on top of everything, then these laundry bags enable you to take your dirty/clean washing to your new property and carry on the task from there. Better still get someone else to do it for you. Available direct from Ikea or from Amazon, these bags have a 25kg load and can be used to carry other items indoors or outdoors.


9. Marker Pen

Have a marker pen on standby by to mark boxes with further information. Location, where they should be stored and which way up they should go, you can even itemise those bad boys if you wish

10. Fragile Packing Tape

Very similar to the scotch tape mentioned earlier but where attention is needed to items of extra care, the tape alerts you to be extra careful when moving these boxes. It is also useful to mark which way up the box should be for transit purposes. 6 rolls of tape are available for under £6. In our experience, this isn’t as sticky as scotch tape and should be used in conjunction with, rather than a replacement.



11. Notepad & Pen

A notepad and pen are very handy to have close by so that you can remind yourself of key dates and note down checklists and packing reminders. The more organised you are prior to moving day, the less stressful the actual day will be.

Well there you have it, these were our eleven items that will help you on that important day. If friends or family owe you some favours, claw them back and get them to help you out on moving day. As the saying goes “many hands make light work”. Have you moved recently? Do you have any suggestions to add to the list and would you do anything differently? Leave us a message and let us know. Need to check local facilities in your new area? Use our search.


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